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American Horror Story Zombie Apocalypse RPG

Come, join us at ahsapocalypserp, a brand new RP group! We're looking for almost every character except Tate.

Welcome to the land of the zombies!

The zombies came on a rainy Sunday morning and everything went to chaos.

It started from Los Angeles, the city of angels, now the city of undead, and in a few weeks the whole world was infected. No one is safe, no one is immune. There's only one way to kill them, a clear head wound, but once you get bitten, it's game over for you.

Uninfected people are rare, but those who remained do everything in their power to continue living in this hellhole, morals, ethics be damned. A group of survivors just outside of Los Angeles is no different, living from day to day and hoping they'll be spared from the evil clutches of the walking dead. There's only one rule now: stay alive.

An AU American Horror Story RPG. No OCs, but characters from other shows are welcomed.
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